Integrated Workplace Solutions

Incorporates ergonomics with total quality concepts, worker well-being,
industrial training and safety, and understanding of OSHA and ADA
compliance to ensure a successful ergonomics program.

The goal of IWS is to provide you with practical applied solutions
in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What is ergonomics?

It is Human Factors Engineering.
It applies knowledge about the capabilities and limitations
of people to the work they do in order to increase
productivity and enhance safety.

How is ergonomics applied?

Ergonomic programs consider the tasks which are performed,
the work methods, the population of workers doing the job,
and the work environment.

Why is it important?

Costs related to occupational illnesses and injuries continue to soar.
Quality and Productivity concerns are demanding attention.
Management is expected to respond. When the IWS approach
to ergonomics is used, practical applied solutions are found.

IWS is a pioneer

Integrating ergonomic technologies into every aspect of an organization.
IWS provides solutions that meet the objectives of management
and the needs of employees.

IWS has proven its professional capabilities through
successful performance of ergonomic intervention in
major corporations, including:

"Through our ergonomic interventions, reduced accidents/injuries,
fewer workmen's compensation claims, and lower medical costs
are all within your reach. Why not contact us and let the IWS team
show you how to achieve these results for your organization.
Many companies already have!"

Denise M. Brooks
President of IWS

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