Total Quality Concepts

Keys to IWS Ergonomic Success

Focus on worker and plant well-being in order to improve
product quality and business performance

Assess and resolve ergonomic concerns

Support ongoing process of ergonomic intervention

Promote teamwork in ergonomic program management and work groups

The IWS Difference

Customization of ergonomic services and products
based upon understanding of the organization and its people.

Strong personal orientation with close and personal
relationships necessary to bring about change

Further development of internal ergonomic strengths
leading to autonomy from consultants

Typical IWS clients are those who..

..are dedicated to maintaining a competitive edge by pursuing
a path of excellence.

..have recognized that innovative techniques applied to
ergonomic intervention improve product quality, employee well-being,
customer satisfaction, and profit margin.

..know that IWS supports large and small companies with
equal professionalism and quality of service.

..understand that integrated ergonomics are applied to: